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If this is the child’s first visit to a salon, start by showing them a picture of the salon on our website and if time permits, come visit the salon in advance of your appointment. This helps easy some of their fear from prior experiences.

  • They will meet their stylist 
  • They will see where they will get their hair washed in a very comfortable kid sized and bedded wash basin. 
  • They will see the hair dryer that will be used on their hair. 
  • They will pick their own hair beads, barrettes or other accessories.


We do our best to make every child’s salon visit enjoyable and fun. However, we recognize for very young children visiting a salon can be a stressful experience. The average time to complete a hairstyle is 1 1/2 hours. To help alleviate some of the stress, we have compiled a few tips in preparation of your visit to Pamper Me Good Kid’s Salon:

2. Pick a good time of the day

The time of day is very important for your child. If you book your appointment during a time of day that they are used to napping, they will be cranky and restless. Make an appointment long before or after the child's nap. A tired, grumpy child will have no interest in a visit to a salon.

3. Eat First

After a meal is a good time for many small children to get their hair done. Provide a filling, healthy meal that your little one enjoys so that hunger will not rear its ugly head at the salon. 

4. Cancel your appointment, if your child is sick

While this goes without saying for obvious fevers and coughs, even children with an upset stomach or runny nose may not feel like a visit to the salon. 

5. Dress your child comfortably

Loose-fitting, neat clothing will help your child feel relaxed and up to the task at hand.

6. Bring a fun toy

Letting your toddler hold on to a familiar toy, can keep their mind off the trial of a first salon visit. Whether used as a security device or a diversion, a toy train can help your little one relax and feel somewhat in control of the environment.

7. Consult in advance with your stylist any specific style ideas

If you have an idea for a style you want, make sure you communicate that idea in your booking to avoid wasting precious minutes that may cause your child to become restless or fussy. Be prepared to talk the child through the time of the hair style by offering reassuring words or playful interaction.